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Oil and Energy Group


 Taking into account the significance of matter and the mission undertaken as a resource of the Ministry of Petroleum of Islamic Republic of Iran, and, thanks to possession of proper facilities and equipment and benefitting from specialized human resources, BARZEGAR ZONOUZ International Research and Educational Institute has accomplished applied projects and innovation and provision of products and services with extensive applications in the Iranian petroleum industry which will be subsequently depicted in further details.





The products of the institute include:

1- Oil removers: for removal of oil contaminations of water surface; the respective substance acts on the water surface and is removed from the environment along with the contaminants by means of the skimmer machine. The consumption rate is 5 percent of the oil layer spilled over the water surface.

2 Different types of cleaner: based on hydrocarbon-based solvents and with minimal environmental impacts and usable for various purposes including removal of different oils from mechanical equipment, ‘rilling rigs, turbines, machineries, surfaces contaminated by different oils and hydrocarbon products, cleaning dashboard and automobile parts, house fixtures and furniture

3- Skimmer machine: for mechanical separation of water surface oil contaminations

4-Lubricants: to reduce friction and form the sheets in the form of body and/or other required uses in the face of heavy pressings in auto-manufacturing industries

5- Demulsifier: demulsifying substances for breaking emulsion of crude oil and water, interconnection of water particles and separations of associated water of the crude oil produced from oil wells and accelerating deposition of water in the system

6-Weld cleaning spray: to mitigate contamination resulting from welding debris, quality enhancement of welded surfaces and prevention of time and cost losses for cleaning of welded place

 7-Petrol additives: in addition to enhancement of octane number, the respective additives lead to :duction in fuel consumption, optimal combustion, and cleaning of the consumption path

 8-Gasoline additives: to prevent sedimentation and corrosion in the engine, cleaning and life lengthening and improvement of fuel supply system and injectors

9-Additives of oil-base drilling mud: (1)- Viscosifiers: as a of drilling mud and enhancement of power and capacity of carriers and cleaning strength and cleaning capability of wells and prevention of oil from the mud (2) – Water inhibitors (mud filtrate prevention): for enhancement of mud stability and control and decrease of drilling fluid loss and reduction of water infiltration into wellbore pore spaces and mitigation of mud filtrate

10- Different types of absorbents: solid compounds used to stabilize the contaminations (via saturating) aimed 6 gelatinous agent for increasing apparent viscosity at recycling facilitation

11-Biological decomposition agents: compounds for accelerating biological decomposition of petroleum used in offshore areas for cleaning the contaminated sites or treatment of contaminated wastes


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