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Research Department

    Research Center                                                                                 

Holding official license from Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, the research center of this institute has commenced its activities in research and synthesis of surfactants in two groups:

– A- Application of surfactant in sciences and engineering

– B-Application of surfactant in medical and biological sciences                                                                                    Laboratories of this research include:

– Synthesis laboratory (water, nanoparticles, environment, and energy)

– Detergent laboratory

– Oil and energy laboratory

– Pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratory

– Food and agriculture laboratory

– Reliable water and environment laboratory

– Radiation measurement (radioactive matters)                                                                                                                                The institute has equipped the reliable water laboratorry for carrying out research projects and providung services to the clients. The most significant objective of this laboratory is to provide accurate and precise esults with high safety factor and reliability resulting in attraction of clients’ satisfaction.

This laboratory uses most advanced equipment and measurement instruments along with experienced personnel for performing the tests. It is noteworthy that all sectors are administered under supervision of experienced professors of Iran’s accredited universities and the tests are directly conducted by trained experts.

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