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(1) identification. monitoring. and controlling the pollutant resources and their update about oil pollutions.

 (2) Modelling the pollutant distribution regarding oil pollutions.

 (3)Reviewing modern technologies regarding controlling oil pollutions.

 (4) Assessing the environmental effects of oil pollutants on health.

 (5) Codifying the standard of oil pollutions and HSE

 (6) Planning management and environment and environment training about oil pollutions.

(7) Standardization and promoting the standard of managerial systems. safety and sanitation of environment regarding oil pollution

(8)Waste management and recycling regarding oil pollution and promoting oil quality and its products

(9)Modern and stable methods and approaches in field of environment about oil pollutions

 (10)scientific regional. ultra-regional and international cooperation about oil pollutions

(11) research and experimentation projects or programs in the field of oil and HNS and spill response technology with the best wishes for you

 (12) issuing certificate from reliable international institutes (cedre) Degradibility (NF- T90- 346) Toxicity (NF T90- 349) activity (NF T90-345).

 (13) making the potential of pruducing chemicals. mechanical equipment. biological materials and.. in order lo cope with oil pollutions and their commercials.

Preparation and distribution

Chemical : naftroob , dispersants , absorbents , cleaners , biodegradation

Mechanical : boom , skimmer

Fatty acids , fatty alcohols

Water desalination

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