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Training Department

Training Department


 Keeping in mind 50th Principle of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran and taking into account the existing environmental problems in Iran such as air pollution in large cities, contamination of surface and subsurface waters, and discharge of various urban and industrial and agricultural wastewaters into the environment, environmental issues in factories and also research about sanitary disposal and recycling of useful matters from urban wastes, one can clearly realize the significance and connection of this field with different engineering disciplines such as civil, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Hence, BARZEGAR ZONOUZ International Research and Educational Institute has taken measures to design and codify specialized training programs specifically for relevant organizations including Ministry of Energy (dependent specialized parent companies and also dependent private companies), National ranian Gas Company and subsidiaries, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and relevant subsidiaries, municipalities, dependent organizations, and so on Relying on the successful experience of the department’s members in holding general and specia ized HSE programs at the level of different universities, organizations, and entities, this institute offers its scrvices at highest quality in this field.



Objectives of the Institute


Using experienced and prominent professors in the scope of health, safety, and environment and aligned with current requirements of the industry in the field of environment technology and HSE, this institute implements its training and research programs for the following target groups:

-Quality improvement of training programs of environment and HSE technology in entire Iran

-Development and expansion of senior technology fields in HSE scope

-Identification and fulfillment of current training requirements of the industries and organiza ons in the field of HSE

-Provision of qualification-based trainings in the field of health, safety, and environment -Enhancement of level of applied and operational trainings in the area of environment techn logy and HSE

-Provision of services in the scope of design, implementation, and establishment of HSE system (Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) System) and attainment of relevant certificates



Training Programs


-Revision and codification of HSE

instructions of the Ministry of Petroleum -Holding specialized programs IMO (OPRC- HNS)

-Holding specialized HSE training programs specifically oil, gas, and petrochemical industries

-Holding specialized training programs of novel technologies in waste management proces: (exclusively for municipalities and dependent units)

-Holding specialized training programs of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

-Holding specialized training programs of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) exclusively fo personnel of Municipality’s Waste Management Organization and also oil, gas, and petrochemica industries -Holding specialized training programs of treatment management of industrial wastewat rs, at basi and advanced levels

-Holding specialized workshop on Principles and Fundamentals of Risk Assessnient an Management in the Environment

-Holding specialized workshop of Introduction to the Principles of Disposal of Chemical Wastes

 -Holding comprehensive program of Waste Recycling and Management of Solid Wastes


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