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About Us

International Research and Training Institute of BARZEGAR ZONOUZ This institute was founded in 1997 aimed at research, training, and scientific promotion with the itention of /deployment of novel sciences and innovation in synthesis and preparation of substances somehow uped based on surfactants in pharmaceutical, petroleum, water and environmental industries. This …

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Training Department

Training Department    Keeping in mind 50th Principle of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran and taking into account the existing environmental problems in Iran such as air pollution in large cities, contamination of surface and subsurface waters, and discharge of various urban and industrial and agricultural wastewaters into …

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service & Products

(1) identification. monitoring. and controlling the pollutant resources and their update about oil pollutions.  (2) Modelling the pollutant distribution regarding oil pollutions.  (3)Reviewing modern technologies regarding controlling oil pollutions.  (4) Assessing the environmental effects of oil pollutants on health.  (5) Codifying the standard of oil pollutions and HSE  (6) Planning …

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Research Department

    Research Center                                                                                  Holding official license from Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, the research center of this institute has commenced its activities in research and synthesis of surfactants in two groups: – A- Application of surfactant in sciences and engineering – B-Application of surfactant in medical and biological sciences                                                                                    …

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Oil and Energy Group

Oil and Energy Group    Taking into account the significance of matter and the mission undertaken as a resource of the Ministry of Petroleum of Islamic Republic of Iran, and, thanks to possession of proper facilities and equipment and benefitting from specialized human resources, BARZEGAR ZONOUZ International Research and Educational …

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Water and Environment Group

Water and Environment Group  Besides possession of research facilities and capabilities, this institute also benefits from specialized and experienced human resources with great strength and skill in the scope of environment for implenientation of the following projects and technical environmental consultation: 1-Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and environmental management 2 – …

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